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Can any group or business join RewardJet?
What is a "Merchant Partner"?
Is my group or business automatically eligible for all discounts and services?
I have a great product or service. How can my company become a merchant partner?
Is there a validation process to sign up?
Do I have to sign any long-term contract to join?
Can I choose what offers are displayed to my members?
Do you share member’s data?
Do you ever contact my members directly?
Can I see who has joined my site?
Can I manage my site members?
Do you provide me with the email addresses of my members?
Can I email my members through your system?
Can I create special offers just for my members?
What if my credit card declines payment?
What happens if I cancel my subscription?
What happens to my members’ accounts if I cancel the service?
Who should I contact for questions?
Can I edit my group’s RewardJet site?
Can I edit the offers on my RewardJet site?