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Our story begins in 2012 when we began creating custom rewards programs for large organizations in New York City. Before long, it became evident that these organizations really loved what we were doing for them. This initial success led to other groups asking for our platform. We soon found that the number of groups wanting our service was quickly outpacing our ability to efficiently launch programs for them. After looking, and not finding, an "off the shelf" solution that could help us solve our problem, we decided to build a scalable solution ourselves.

We had some pretty lofty goals. The new platform we were going to build had to:

  • Be completely self-service
  • Allow a company or organization to set up and deploy their rewards and benefits site in less than 5 minutes
  • Be incredibly simple and easy to setup and use
  • Be customizable without needing to understand HTML or coding
  • Be VERY affordable
  • Provide our clients and their members and employees meaningful, relevant, and valuable services, savings and benefits
  • Be fun
  • Respect the privacy of our members

It took quite a bit of work and investment, but we managed to pull it off. Right now, with RewardJet, you can sign your company up and have your very own rewards site in less time than it takes you to make a cup of coffee. We couldn’t have done this without the support of our tens of thousands of members and the leading retailers and service providers with whom we work. They have embraced, wholeheartedly, our mission to give small companies, freelancers, union workers, and non-profit organizations many of the same great discounts and world-class services Fortune 500 employees enjoy.

We hope you’ll join us!